Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services enable us to run your digital marketing tactics or to train you and your team on how to do this successfully.

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Double H Marketing digital marketing services

Digital Marketing Services Are Available For:

  • Content strategy development
  • Content development, including copywriting
  • Database development & marketing
  • Digital and physical event management
  • Email marketing management
  • Google Ads setup & management
  • Marketing list development & management
  • Meta advertising setup & management
  • Microsoft Ads setup & management
  • Social media management
  • Website builds & updates

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services allow us to run digital marketing channels and tactics on your behalf or to train you on how to do this inside your business.

We recommend running these as an extension of a clear business strategy and marketing strategy.

Our digital marketing services allow us to run digital marketing channels and tactics on your behalf or to train you on how to do this inside your business.

Our digital marketing services are designed to give you complete flexibility. Whether you need assistance on a one-off project, or you’re looking for a full outsourced marketing option, we can help.

Our digital marketing services can be used on their own or as a follow-up to our business strategy and marketing strategy services.

We can help you through a variety of formats including:

Tailored Training

We can develop a personalised digital marketing training course or workshop just for you. Whether you have one hour or several days to spare, we will work with you to develop and deliver a customised training session.

Our agendas focus on the skills you want to learn and give you time to practice. You can choose to have your training delivered at your office or via Zoom.

Marketing As A Service

Access experienced marketing professionals on a month-by-month basis.

Pay a set fee each month and outsource your digital marketing needs. You can outsource your marketing either in part or full.

Whether you need a marketing director, marketing manager or just general marketing assistance, we’re here to help. Simply tap into marketing expertise at the times and locations that are best for you.

Marketing Health Checks

We can conduct a review and create recommendations around one or more of your existing marketing channels. This is a great opportunity to review what’s working for your business before deciding your future marketing approach.

Client feedback

While we like to leave clients speechless, here’s what some have to say about us.

“The key question from Naomi was ‘do you want to be a freelance consultant, or develop a business’. It was the latter. 18 months on, we are on our way. She has helped us rebrand, relaunch, and set our direction of travel. And all this whilst dealing with a client who is often too busy working ‘in the business’ to work ‘on the business’. The value – add having someone who takes time to understand your business – and you, is immeasurable. I would recommend Naomi to any small business that wants to take the next step.”
“Naomi did a fantastic job helping us with an in-depth analysis of our current digital marketing practices and building a marketing strategy for one of our core product lines.”
“I recently engaged Double H Marketing to create a targeted social media plan for Facilitated Training. This included identification of target markets across multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google ads."

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