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Are you seeking an experienced marketing professional to act as a coach? 

Perhaps you want to discuss the tools and tactics you are currently exploring within your business, or you’d like some external thoughts on how to progress your career.

Or maybe you simply have no idea as to what your next steps should be.

Luckily, our experienced team is here to work with you to help you define and achieve marketing success. 

We can also help you grow your marketing career, as well as to understand what truly makes you tick.

We offer 1:1 sessions, in person or over Zoom, in which you set the agenda and we discuss what’s most pressing and important for you right now. 

Your marketing coaching session could be a regular event, such as a virtual meeting every month to ensure that your marketing is on the right track. It could also be a one-off event where we discuss how you may tackle a particular business challenge or opportunity.

All coaching sessions are confidential and can be booked online. You can choose a time that’s most convenient for you.

Naomi Hamilton-Hakim

Founder, Double H Marketing

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A marketing coaching session is a great way to get an external perspective on your marketing approach.

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