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Tailored Strategic Marketing Services

If you need business marketing expertise, look no further than our strategic marketing services.

These services are designed to help establish and/or validate your marketing strategy.

We also offer a variety of tactical marketing support. This includes campaign design and management, email marketing, copywriting and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Marketing Strategy & Planning Workshops

If you lack internal marketing expertise and you want to plan a marketing approach, it’s time to book a workshop with our team. 

Starting with your business goals, we use a variety of business and marketing frameworks to help identify your priorities. We can also consider your market segments and discuss the most appropriate marketing channels.

We can provide feedback on your existing marketing plans. Potential opportunities and/or gaps in your marketing strategy can also be identified.

A workshop is also a great option if you want general feedback from experienced marketing professionals.

At the end of each workshop, we focus on action items. We will work with you to set up realistic and achievable next steps from the insights gleaned.

Our workshops can be tailored for a half or full-day at a location (remote or in-person) that works for you and your team.  

Unique Value Proposition Development & Differentiation

Do you have a hard time summing up exactly what your business does in two sentences or less?

And can you clearly articulate why you provide the best product or service option for your customers?

If you can’t, you may be losing new business as you’re not clearly showcasing the unique value of your business. This could be causing your business to struggle in a crowded market.

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, we can help.

Segment and Persona Development

If you’re targeting every organisation or person with the same message, you’re probably not getting the best possible results for your business. 

To address this, we can help identify your key audiences. This includes which customer groups are likely to produce the best results for your business.

Additionally, we can develop personas around these segments, enabling you and your team to better understand and target your key prospects.

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Campaign Creation and Execution

Do you have a product or service being developed but you have no marketing expertise internally?

Or perhaps you have some junior marketing staff in-house that could benefit from the help of an experienced marketer

We can work with you to identify and run marketing campaigns.

If you’re not experienced at briefing external consultants, we can also work with you to understand your requirements.

We will then evaluate and suggest relevant channels for your target audience and business goals based on your available time, resources and budget.

Once approved, we will set these tactics up within each channel. We will then continue to optimise and test within each channel during the life of the campaign to get you the best possible results.

Environmental & Competitive Analysis

To set your business up for successful and sustainable growth, you need to understand your market positioning.

Our analysis of your business environment, key trends and competitive offerings can lead to key positioning, messaging and tactical marketing insights for your business.

Marketing Strategy Development

Using a combination of the above techniques (workshops, value proposition reviews, competitive and environmental analysis and more) we can develop a marketing strategy for your business.

We can then create a marketing plan and upskill you and your team to action this or undertake this work on your behalf.

Depending on the nature of the work required, we can also introduce you to our partners or other industry professionals to undertake any work that requires additional expertise.

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