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We’re business marketing & technology specialists. We can help your marketing strategy, software implementation, digital marketing and more.

The Double H Marketing Difference

We are not your standard agency. We bring together the best of marketing and technology to drive business results.

We know that there are often disconnects between IT and marketing teams, as well as business plans and software implementations. And we’re here to stop this happening.

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For Executives
We validate your business and marketing strategies and ensure that your marketing technology stack can deliver both.
For Marketers
We help develop marketing plans, assist with digital marketing and help select the right marketing technology for your business.
For Technologists
We implement or co-implement your chosen marketing software, helping marketers access the data needed to build great customer experiences.
For Publishers
We consult and help you build an advertising technology stack that delivers results, even while the cookie crumbles.

Client Testimonials

“We all really enjoy working with Naomi. Very tangible results have resulted from her work with The Strategy Group.”

The Strategy Group
Jeffrey Tobias

“It was a great pleasure to work with Naomi on the Infrastructure Skills Advisory project. Her planning, execution and experience played an important role in making the project more streamlined and hassle-free.”

George Yasbic

“I recently engaged Double H Marketing to create a targeted social media plan for Facilitated Training. This included identification of target markets across multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.”

Facilitated Training
Colleen Condon

“Naomi did a fantastic job helping us with an in-depth analysis of our current digital marketing practices and building a marketing strategy for one of our core product lines.”

Micro X
Alex Blackburn

“The key question from Naomi was ‘do you want to be a freelance consultant, or develop a business’. It was the latter. 18 months on, we are on our way. She has helped us rebrand, relaunch, and set our direction of travel.”

Infrastructure Skills Advisory
Claire Parry

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