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Business Strategy Services

To put it bluntly, without a strong business strategy, there will be limited success. There’s more to running a flourishing business than just having a great logo and flashy business cards. In saying that, there’s also more to marketing than just promoting a product or service once it has been developed. We understand that before you look at the ‘what’, you need to iron out the ‘why’. 

Without a clear understanding of your target market or audience, as well as their pain points, there’s a good chance that whatever you’re wanting to sell won’t leave the shelves. Without considering factors such as the actual product or service you’ve created, promotion, the pricing and its position on the market, your marketing strategy will just not work.

We are all about strategising

We understand the importance of strategies and can deliver tailored and cutting-edge business strategy services to your company, ensuring your product and the subsequent marketing campaigns flourish, rather than flop.

Customer Feedback

While we like to leave clients speechless, here’s what some have to say about us.

“The key question from Naomi was ‘do you want to be a freelance consultant, or develop a business’. It was the latter. 18 months on, we are on our way. She has helped us rebrand, relaunch, and set our direction of travel. And all this whilst dealing with a client who is often too busy working ‘in the business’ to work ‘on the business’. The value – add having someone who takes time to understand your business – and you, is immeasurable. I would recommend Naomi to any small business that wants to take the next step.”
“Naomi did a fantastic job helping us with an in-depth analysis of our current digital marketing practices and building a marketing strategy for one of our core product lines.”
“I recently engaged Double H Marketing to create a targeted social media plan for Facilitated Training. This included identification of target markets across multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google ads."

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We bring together the best of marketing and technology to drive business growth. We are an Australian-owned and based boutique consultancy.
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