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Marketing Strategy Services

Marketing Strategy Services

They say one size doesn’t fit all and that is certainly true when it comes to the marketing strategy for your business.

We believe that a marketing strategy should never be a static document and instead, should be flexible, with all members of the organisation working together, in the best possible way, to find new customers and engage existing ones.

A good marketing strategy is imperative to the success of your business and rather than using a generic model or taking a generalised approach, we are passionate about curating one that perfectly suits the needs and demands of YOUR business.

Our approach

We do two things.

First, we review your existing marketing strategies and take a good hard look at what you already have in place. Then, we assess whether these strategies are actually working to enhance your business, or not.

From there, our team works with you to develop an effective and affordable marketing strategy, one that suits your business model, aligns with your goals and identifies your target market. 

We don’t focus on clicks, we focus on driving your overall business to excellence.

Strategy Creation and Review

When we approach the task of creating your strategy, we start from scratch. Literally. Although this might not be the traditional approach, it’s an approach we’ve found to be extremely successful.

Basically, we look at what you should do with your marketing, as well as what strategy should be implemented. A strategy that aligns with your business goals and most importantly, actually gets you results. We might ask the hard questions, such as ‘How can you make your marketing strategy work for your business?’ or ‘What problems do you want to solve?’ or, one of our favourites, ‘Who are you and what do you want to achieve?’.

Once we’ve implemented your strategy, we then take a good, hard look and assess what is and isn’t working. It’s like a health check of your business marketing strategy, but a more detailed and comprehensive examination. Sure, we look at what is driving value to your business, as well as what you have and haven’t done, but with our background in technology, we get a little more technical. 

We know our strategy creation and review approach is affordable, immediate and effective, so find us a blank sheet of paper to work with and let’s get started!

Customer Feedback

While we like to leave clients speechless, here’s what some have to say about us.

“The key question from Naomi was ‘do you want to be a freelance consultant, or develop a business’. It was the latter. 18 months on, we are on our way. She has helped us rebrand, relaunch, and set our direction of travel. And all this whilst dealing with a client who is often too busy working ‘in the business’ to work ‘on the business’. The value – add having someone who takes time to understand your business – and you, is immeasurable. I would recommend Naomi to any small business that wants to take the next step.”
“Naomi did a fantastic job helping us with an in-depth analysis of our current digital marketing practices and building a marketing strategy for one of our core product lines.”
“I recently engaged Double H Marketing to create a targeted social media plan for Facilitated Training. This included identification of target markets across multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google ads."

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